Code4Lib Quotes

This is the README file for a set of hacks called Code4Lib Quotes.

The other day "in channel" I thought it would be cool to create a word cloud against the quotes that are recorded there. What words are used most frequently? Who is the top quotee? Search for quotes. Generate random quotes. Create a quote server. Draw a graph illustrating who, what, and when things are quoted. Implement the whole thing as a set of Web services. I alluded this to Ed Summers, who, in about five minutes or less, generated a simple file containing all the quotes. I guess the gauntlet had been laid down.

The scripts are incomplete and not 100% correct, but they are a start. Below is what you can find here, and the foundation for the whole things is MyLibrary, of course:

Fun with quotes.

Eric Lease Morgan
March 24, 2008