Alex Catalogue Lite

This is a "lite" version of the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts. It includes only a small sample of texts from the complete Catalogue, and its purpose is to demonstrate how TEI/XML files can be saved and then transformed into other formats.

Use the menu to the left to browse by author or title. Select individual titles to display them on the screen. You will then have the option of viewing the texts in a number of formats:

  1. plain HTML - the text marked up and displayed with no navigation features. This version is good for printing, but more importantly, this version should be easily accessible by people with disabilities.
  2. "smart" HTML - the text marked up with navigation features. This is the default. It should print nicely as well.
  3. PDF - the text converted into Portable Document Format. This version is specifically designed for printing. The printed version will have a title page, a table of contents, numbered pages, and chapters should always begin on the right-hand page. Print and bind this version to create a book.
  4. ePub - the text converted into an ePub file readable by many "ebook readers" complete with a navigable table of contents.
  5. TEI/XML - the text in its raw Text Encoding Initiative format. Use this version to examine the structural features of each document.

The whole Alex Lite site is designed to be reproduced. Just download the archive. Uncompress it. Open the file named "index.html" with your Web browser, and away you go. Everything is included. The supporting pages. The HTML files. The PDF versions. Even the ePub files. Put the archive on a CD and give it away to your friends. Alex Lite makes a great gift!

For more information about Alex and Alex Lite, see the blog posting. There you can will learn more about why it was made and how.

Enjoy, thank you for using the Alex Catalogue Lite, and if you have any questions, then don't hesitate to drop me a line. "Infomotions Man says, 'Give back to the Net.'"

Eric Lease Morgan, Librarian