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  1. Indexing, indexing, indexing
    • Description: The ability to create your own index of electronic texts is an ability frequently under-utilized in Library Land. Its a shame since the creation of your own indexes empowers you to create focused, customizable information services that would otherwise wait for a commercial vendor to provide, maybe. This column describes what indexing is and why it should be an integral part of your information services. Second, this column reviews a number of free, Unix-based indexing systems: freewais-sf, Harvest, SWISH-E, and ht://Dig.
    • Date: 1998-04-17
    • Source: This article was originally published in Computers in Libraries.
    • Subject(s): indexing;
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  2. Indexing and abstracting
    • Description: This presentation outlines sets of alternative processes for traditional library indexing and abstracting practices. To do this it first describes the apparent goal of indexing and abstracting. It then describes how these things have traditionally been manifested. Third, it outlines how the goals of indexing and abstract can be implemented through the exploitation of computer technology. Finally, it describes some ways computers can be used even more to go beyond traditional indexing and abstracting to provide services against texts.
    • Date: 2010-03-25
    • Source: This presentations was created for an online library school class.
    • Subject(s): abstracting; presentations; indexing;
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  3. Web-scale discovery indexes and "next generation" library catalogs
    • Description: This essay outlines a definition of "Web-scale" discovery indexes and describes how they are interrelated with the ideas of "next generation" library catalogs. It was originally created for webcast called "Returning the Researcher to the Library: Defining Web-Scale Discovery" sponsored by Serials Solutions and Library Journal. A subset of these remarks are also available as a set of Powerpoint slides.
    • Date: 2009-08-13
    • Source: These remarks originally appeared on the University of Notre Dame's website at, and they were a part of a webcast called Returning the Researcher to the Library: Defining Web-Scale Discovery sponso
    • Subject(s): presentations; indexing; librarianship;
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  4. Comparing Open Source Indexers
    • Description: This text compares and contrasts the features and functionality of various open source indexers: freeWAIS-sf, Harvest, Ht://Dig, Isite/Isearch, MPS, SWISH, WebGlimpse, and Yaz/Zebra. As the size of information systems increase so does the necessity of providing searchable interfaces to the underlying data. Indexing content and implementing an HTML form to search the index is one way to accomplish this goal, but all indexers are not created equal. This case study enumerates the pluses and minuses of various open source indexers currently available and makes recommendations on which indexer to use for what purposes. Finally, this case study will make readers aware that good search interfaces alone to not make for good information systems. Good information systems also require consistently applied subject analysis and well structured data.
    • Date: 2001-05-28
    • Source: This article was originally written for a presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Software conference of 2001 in San Diego, CA
    • Subject(s): indexing; open source software;
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  5. Evaluating Index Morganagus
    • Description: This article describes Index Morganagus, a full-text index of library-related electronic serials. First, it describes why the Index was created. It goes on to give an overview of Harvest, the technology that collects, indexes, and provides access to the serials. The article outlines how the process was automated using the combination of a database application (FileMaker Pro) and various "glue" scripts (both AppleScript and Perl). It provides an analysis of the service's log files shedding light on usage patterns and librarian search behavior.
    • Date: 1997-04-17
    • Source: This is a pre-edited edited copy for Eric Lease Morgan, "Evaluating Index Morganagus: indexing and providing access to library-related serials using Harveset" New Review of Information Networking. 3:223-244, 1997.
    • Subject(s): indexing; articles;
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