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  1. MARC Reader: a HyperCard script to demystify the MARC record
  2. Cataloging digital mediums
    • Description: This article examines some of the issues surrounding the organization and classification of digital resources. It does this in three parts. First, it provides a general overview of the types of digital resoruces libraries can collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to. Second, it examines some of the philosophical and pragmatic considerations involved in defining the universe of digital resources. Third, it describes an informal research project (the Alcuin Project of the North Carolina State University Libraries) whose goal is to put into practice some solutions to the issues outlined above.
    • Date: 1996-12-01
    • Source: This also appears in Eric Lease Morgan, "Possible Solutions for Incorporating digital information mediums into traditional library cataloging services" Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 22:3/4 (1996) pg. 143-170.
    • Subject(s): cataloging; articles;
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  3. Really Rudimentary Catalog
  4. Adding Internet resources to our OPACs
    • Description: This essay advocates the addition of bibliographic records describing Internet-based electronic serials and Internet resources in general to library online public access catalogs (OPAC), addresses a few implications of this proposition, and finally, suggests a few solutions to accomplish this goal.
    • Date: 1995-12-21
    • Source: Serials Review 21(4): 70-72, Winter 1995
    • Subject(s): cataloging; articles;
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  5. Opportunities for technical services staff
    • Description: This presentation, made to the New York Technical Services Librarians Fall Dinner Meeting (Friday, November 4, 1994), first describes Mr. Serials, a process for systematically collecting, organizing, archiving, indexing, and disseminating electronic journals. Second, the presentation describes uses of World Wide Web (WWW) servers in libraries. Finally, the presentation describes how these two technologies can be assimilated into traditional library services and how technical services staff have an integral part in this assimilation process.
    • Date: 1994-11-04
    • Source: Originally entitled, "Mr. Serials and World Wide Web Servers: Opportunities for Technical Services Staff", and presented to the New York Technical Services Librarians, Friday, November 4, 1994.
    • Subject(s): New York Technical Services Librarians; presentations; cataloging;
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  6. Cataloging Internet Resources: A Beginning
    • Description: This presentation (given to the Tennessee Library Association, April 12, 1996, Knoxville, TN) shares the beginnings of the NCSU Libraries attempt to catalog Internet resources and make them available through a WWW interface. The presentation will share how we integrated Tim Kambitsch's' "unnamed" scripts into one of our WWW server enabling us to search our OPAC through a WWW interface. The presentation will describe SID (Simple Internet Database), a program we use to create and maintain the majority of the HTML files on our WWW server. Additionally, a description of how these pieces of software are being integrated into the Alcuin database, a database of Internet resources. Finally, philosophic issues will be raised concerning the cataloging and classification of Internet resources
    • Date: 1996-04-12
    • Source: This presentation was originally given at the Tennessee Library Association, April 12, 1996, Knoxville, TN.
    • Subject(s): presentations; TLA (Tennessee Library Association); cataloging;
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