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  1. MyLibrary@NCState
    • Description: The text describes MyLibrary@NCState, an extensible implementation of a user-centered, customizable interface to a library's collection of information resources. The system integrates principles of librarianship with globably networked computing resources creating a dynamic, customer-driven front-end to any library's set of materials. It supports a framework for libraries to provide enhanced access to local and remote sets of data, information, and knowledge. At the same, it does not overwhelm its users with too much information because the users control exactly how much information is displayed to them at any given time. The system is active and not passive; direct human interaction, computer mediated guidance and communication technologies, as well as current awareness services all play indispensible roles in its implementation. The system is accessible to anybody at the following URL:
    • Date: 1999-07-26
    • Source: This paper was shared at a workshop of the SIGIR '99 conference in Berkeley, CA.
    • Subject(s): MyLibrary; portals;
    • URL:
  2. Original MyLibrary
    • Description: In the news recently has been talk about Google's "my library", well, don't hesitate to visit the "original" MyLibrary, now hosted at
    • Date: 2007-09-24
    • Source: This was originally a blog posting at the LITA blog at
    • Subject(s): MyLibrary;
    • URL:
  3. Implementing "Light-weight Reference Models" in MyLibrary
  4. MyLibrary 3.x and a Next Generation Library Catalogue
  5. MyLibrary in your library
  6. MyLibrary: A digital library framework & toolkit
    • Description: This article describes a digital library framework and toolkit called MyLibrary. At its heart, MyLibrary is designed to create relationships between information resources and people. To this end, MyLibrary is made up of essentially four parts: 1) information resources, 2) patrons, 3) librarians, and 4) a set of locally-defined, institution-specific facet/term combinations interconnecting the first three. On another level, MyLibrary is a set of object-oriented Perl modules intended to read and write to a specifically shaped relational database. Used in conjunction with other computer applications and tools, MyLibrary provides a way to create and support digital library collections and services. Librarians and developers can use MyLibrary to create any number of digital library applications: full-text indexes to journal literature, a traditional library catalog complete with circulation, a database-driven website, an institutional repository, an image database, etc. The article describes each of these points in greater detail.
    • Date: 2008-09-18
    • Source: This is pre-edited version of an article by the same name appearing the Information Technology and Libraries 27[3]:12-24, September 2008.
    • Subject(s): articles; MyLibrary;
    • URL:
  7. MyLibrary workshop
    • Description: The goals of this workshop are to describe the functionality of MyLibrary, demonstrate a number of ways it can be used, and make participants more aware additional venues for creating and maintaining digital libraries. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to: describe what MyLibrary can and can not do, design a faceted classification system, understand how to use the MyLibrary API to create digital library collections and implement digital library services, outline a process of harvesting OAI content into a MyLibrary instance, as well as outline methods to syndicate MyLibrary content.
    • Date: 2006-03-12
    • Source: This workhop was originally given in Zagreb (Croatia) in March of 2006.
    • Subject(s): presentations; MyLibrary;
    • URL:
  8. Making information easier to find with MyLibrary
    • Description: This article describes a pilot project being implemented in the Libraries called MyLibrary, a Web-based portal application intended to make information easier to find, easier to get, and to improve communication.
    • Date: 2002-09-30
    • Source: This text was originally published in a newsletter of the University Libraries of Notre Dame called Access, number 81, Fall 2002.
    • Subject(s): articles; MyLibrary;
    • URL:
  9. MyLibrary: A Copernican revolution in libraries
    • Description: This article provide a bit of history regarding MyLibrary and suggests that libraries provide services more from the patrons point of view -- a kind of Copernican Revolution.
    • Date: 2003-09-08
    • Source: This is a pre-edited version of an article published as "Putting the 'My' into MyLibrary, netConnect (Suppliment to Library Journal), Fall 2003, pgs. 24-26.
    • Subject(s): articles; MyLibrary;
    • URL:

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