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  1. SIGIR '99
  2. Using World Wide Web and WAIS technologies
  3. Creating user-friendly electronic information systems
    • Description: The future of any automated information systems, let them be World Wide Web servers or online public access catalogs (OPACs), will have to include "interactive assistance" features. This article reviews the definition of information systems, describes the concept of interactive assistance, describes how it relates to information systems, and points out a few prototypical examples.
    • Date: 1997-07-10
    • Source: This is a pre-edited edited copy for Eric Lease Morgan, "Creating User-Friendly Electronic Information Systems" Computers In Libraries. 17(8):31-33, September 1997.
    • Subject(s): interactive assistance; information systems design; expert systems;
    • URL:
  4. ASIS & T 2002 Information Architecture Summit: Refining the craft
  5. Building your library's portal
  6. Pointers 4 searching, searching 4 pointers
    • Description: This, Pointers 4 Searching, Searching 4 Pointers, is an annotated bibliography (webliography). Its purpose is to provide you with starting points for methods and strategies for using the Internet to find academic information as well as become familiar with the advantages/disadvantages and strengths/weaknesses of Internet searching.
    • Date: 1997-10-21
    • Source: This text was originally created for a Appalacian College Association annual meeting in Kingsport, TN, in late October, 1997.
    • Subject(s): presentations; information retrieval; ACA (Appalachian College Association);
    • URL:
  7. USAIN Annual Conference 1995: A travel log

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