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  1. MARC Reader: a HyperCard script to demystify the MARC record
  2. Alcuin, an NCSU Libraries guide
  3. Simple HTML Editor (SHE) version 2.9
  4. HyperNote Pro
  5. Implementing TCP/IP communications with HyperCard
    • Description: This article describes how to implement TCP/IP communications with HyperCard in three steps. First, it briefly examines the tools used to access information resources available through the Internet. Second, it outlines the necessary hardware and software requirements to make TCP/IP communications happen on a Macintosh. Third, it illustrates the implementation process with two stacks: Mini-Atlas and ListManager.
    • Date: 1992-12-21
    • Source: Originally published in Information Technology and Libraries 11(4):421-432, December 1992.
    • Subject(s): TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol); HyperCard; articles;
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